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In the 1940s my Grandfather, Clifton Glanville, opened a small family business in Miramar, Wellington where he lovingly created beautiful feather & down eiderdowns. He handed this business down to my mother and as a teenager my job was to help with the filling of the eiderdowns.

Over the years she taught me the tricks of the trade. Now, 30 years on and 4 kids later, I`m still handmaking eiderdowns … although now as a home based business here in Pahiatua. In these 30 years I`ve made 100s of eiderdowns.

I have specialised in breathing new life into old eiderdowns that have often been handed down from parents and grandparents. These old eiderdowns may have been packed away in cupboards, being too sentimental to throw away. After the wear and tear of years, maybe loosing feathers or just looking a bit faded, I can give them a new lease of life – remaking them with the fabric of your choice. Your eiderdown is remade to last for many years, and once again be handed down the generations.

Your eiderdown will be custom made to suit your own individual style, taste and requirements, from size, fabric, piped, frilled cushions to match….. or

I can…make a completely new eiderdown for you, using my supply of high quality feather & down mix. I love exploring all the beautiful fabrics out here and can`t resist turning these into handmade eiderdowns and cushions, so have a look at my new creations, which I will be frequently updating. I also custom make duvets & can make these with one side warmer than the other, perfect for the couples who can’t agree on a bed temperature. I don’t have a large selection of stock for sale, as I do prefer to make up in the fabrics of your choice. Feel free to contact me.

Eiderdowns by Anita